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Tied to this table
Watching as the pendulum ticks my time
Each swing cues the descending of the axe
Inch by agonizing inch
Hearing the heavy swings of the axe head
I now can see the gleams of moonlight on its blade
Tick-tock I have seconds left
Tick-tock my body feels warm and open
Tick-tock pain causes me to see white
Tick-tock I can still hear the heaving swings
Tick-tock the axe cuts ever deeper
Tick-tock I'm not one piece anymore
Tick-tock the pendulum slows to a stop
Tick-tock the heavy axe rest upon my mulled body forever
The preview is drawn by :iconesteljf: [link]

Who was amazing and kind to let me use this. So bunches of credit towards her :glomp:

This poem was inspired by Nightwish's "The Poet and the Pendulum."

I think they were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe who was inspired by...... death.... so yeah ^^

Poem (C) Me
Drawing (C:iconesteljf:
Song (C) Nightwish
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