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Sketch: Ruth and Theodore by RealityMisfit Sketch: Ruth and Theodore by RealityMisfit

“Waiting as I'm wanting to

Speaking as I'm spoken to

Changing to your point of view

Fading as I follow you


A boyish notion of false emotion

These words are spoken despite my love

A fool's devotion was set in motion

My eyes are open now


It's a glass cage so I can't pretend

You hide beneath the physical

I see it coming but I can't defend

You cut so deep, my belief is gone

My belief is gone, my belief is


Tell me what I want to say

Save me for another day

Break me, it's the game you play

Hate me as I turn away”

-The Birthday Massacre “The Looking Glass”

So these two are promptly named Ruth and Theodore, characters in The Valiard Mansion, an illustrated novel that :iconthe-ez: , the creator, was kind to let us enjoy freely :D

I decided to draw the scene in which Ruth and Theodore first meet after years from being apart, after some nasty business had taken place between the two. Theodore, of course, is a bit wounded by her freezing him out. I tried my best with the expressions, but unfortunately I’m that great at them XD. I do hope I didn’t botch the characters too terribly. I might do another, when I have more time. I decided to do this quick sketch instead of working on my final draft research paper due in two days. :iconhappytearplz:


And you guys need to check out her artwork, that is, if you haven’t already. It’s so wonderful! My dream is to be at least half as good as her! I can stare at it all day! :iconhurrahplz:

“The Looking Glass” by The Birthday Massacre!

The-Ez Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Professional General Artist
This is just TOO adorable! :la: And a little sad, too!!! :eager: You've done so well to capture Theodore's eagerness to engage, but Ruth's just blocking him out! :noes: Makes me feel sort of cruel for writing the scene the way I did. :blush:

This is a gorgeous picture. Thanks so much for sharing! It means the world to me that you're enjoying my story as much as you are! :glomp:

Now, you better get back to working on your paper, okay! :D Education comes first, ALWAYS! ;) (Though I don't want to make you feel too guilty because I'm so glad you drew this picture haha! :XD: )

MORE HUGS!! :hug: :tighthug:
RealityMisfit Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Student General Artist
((I'm so sorry for the late reply!!))

And thank you for all the kind words :) It means a lot. And writing cruel scenes with characters is so much fun! XD

I did get the paper finished on time though (Partially why I was gone). Hopefully I did okay, senioritis is a killer!

Thank you so much again :)
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